New Katagiri Roshi book coming soon

Light That ShinesWonderful news! Katagiri Roshi’s new book, The Light That Shines through Infinity: Zen and the Energy of Life, will be published by Shambhala on November 28, 2017. Pre-orders can be made now at most booksellers. Here’s the description on the back cover:

“The universe is alive with a dynamic energy that creates and sustains our lives. It surrounds us, flows through us, and is available to us in every moment. Spiritual practice, according to Dainin Katagiri Roshi, is about aligning ourselves with this everpresent life force–sometimes referred to as chi, qi, or ki. This collection, edited from his talks, focuses on cosmic energy as it relates to all aspects of Zen practice. With references to classic texts and personal stories that bring the teachings to life, The Light That Shines through Infinity is also a powerful antidote to the notion that practice is in some way about transcending the world around us. It is in fact about nothing other than relating to it compassionately and wholeheartedly.”

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